Astra Zeneca

A TV-commercial for the pain killer "Alvedon". Me and Johan Ranner played bad guys armed with machine gun and pistol. We chased the hero on a narrow ledge and shot at him while avoiding his return fire. The skills involved were parkour, safety work (high fall into cardboard boxes), firearms handling and minor acting.

Production type: TV-commercial
Date: September 2006
Location: Swedish Stuntgroup Studio
Client: Astra Zeneca
Production Company: Spader Knekt

Erik Dalin (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup) - "Bad guy"
Johan Ranner (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup) - "Bad guy"
Henrik Norman (actor) - "The Hero"
Kristian Petri - director

Erik and Ranner posing
Ranner and Erik Shooting
Ranner, Henrik and Erik
Erik sidekick
Sideview of fall
Ranner fixing boxes