Stunt Show in Trollhättan

The Swedish Stuntgroup did 4 stuntshows as a part of the opening ceremony of Film i Väst's new studio. I was responsible for all the fights in the 4 stuntshows and coreographed the together with Tim Man.

Production type: Live show
Status: Finished
Date: September 2004
Location: Trollhättan / Sweden
Production Company: Film i Väst
Crew: Seth Ericson (stuntman and stunt coordinator)
Erik Dalin (stuntman)
Johan Ranner (stuntman)
Tim Man (stuntman)
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Article about the Stuntshow (in swedish)

Stunts: Unarmed stagefighting
Stagefighting with staff, sticks
Fall from ladder backwards into cardboard boxes (7m)
Explosion jumps
The Stuntshow
11.7MB, 2:05 (MPEG-4 format, kan ses med Quicktime Player)

The evening after the stuntshows.
Sanna from Film i Väst and the Swedish Stuntgroup; Erik, Seth and Tim.