7 members of the Swedish Stuntgroup did a liveshow for the opening of the new Hogia buildning in Stenungsund. We did a 5 minute liveshow which involved alot of fighting, rappelling and high falls. Micke and I played Hogia Security (the "good guys"). At the start of the liveshow a number of spies/criminals stole the Hogia Business plan which was located on a pedestal on stage. The chase and fighting started on the ground floor, moved up to the first balcony, the action continued on the second and third balcony and ended on the roof of the Hogia building. I did several fights against Anders, Henke and Markus. In the endfight which took place on top of the roof (13m up) I was thrown over the edge of the roof and was hanging with only one arm as a support. While being kicked in the face I finally managed to swing myself up and take care of the last assailant.

Production type: Liveshow
Date: September 2006
Location: Hogia, Stenungsund, Sweden
Client: Hogia (www.hogia.se)
Production Company: Hansen (www.hansen.se)

Seth Ericson (Stunt coordinator, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Anders Strömbäck (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Micke Bergström (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup) - highfall (8m "header")
Henrik Westbeck (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Markus Jonsson (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Johan Ranner (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup) - highfall (10m "suicide")
Erik Dalin (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)

The new Hogia building
Markus and Henke checking out the wet and slippery roof
Erik relaxing
The team right before action
Johan after the 10m highfall into cardboard boxes
Preparations the day before the show