The inspector and the sea
(Der Kommissar und das Meer)

"At a lonely place" & "Summertime"

Based on the crime novels by Scandinavian best-seller author Mari Jungstedt, this TV movie cycle follows Robert Anders, a charming inspector of the intuitive school of crime solving, as he pursues killers on the idyllic Swedish island of Gotland. Whether it's a victim killed according to a Viking ritual or a murderous smuggling operation in the coastal waters, the scenic nature of Gotland always plays a leading role. Also starring famed Pippi Longstocking actress Inger Nilsson

Erik Dalin and Anders Strömbäck did safety work for the famous swedish actors Peter Haber and Jonas Karlsson. Fight, drowning in bath tub, drag corpse across floor and down a flight of stairs, hanging.

Production type: German TV-series
Date: 2007
Location: Gotland, Sweden

Anders Strömbäck (Swedish Stuntgroup)
Erik Dalin (Swedish Stuntgroup)

ZDF editorial department - K. Bassiner / W. Feindt
Executive producer - Jutta Lieck-Klenke
Line producer - Roger Daute
Production manager - Christian Krohn
Director - Anno Saul
DoP - Nathalie Wiedemann

Robert Anders - Walter Sittler
Thomas Wittberg - Andy Gätjen
Eskil Andersson - Jonas Karlsson
Staffan Mellgren - Peter Haber

Production company: Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH & Co. KG