IQ did a TV-commercial that aims to prevent young people from drinking alcohol. The Swedish Stuntgroup did several stunts for this commercial. Some of the stunts were; Johan Ranner did a front fall, me and Seth did a fight and Mikael Bergqvist did a very spectacular jump in a shopping cart from a 10m platform into a swimming pool at Eriksdalsbadet.

The fight that Seth and I did ended up being edited down to just a couple of seconds long in the final commercial. I think the punch (or "rallarsving" as we call it in sweden) that I got in the face looked really good on camera.

The commercial turned out great and I think it sends out a very important message about the duality of alcohol. I never drink alcohol myself since I think it causes so much trouble and injury. The benefits and joys don't weigh up the downsides. So for me it felt really good to be a part of such an important commercial.

Production type: TV and web-commercial
Date: may 2007
Location: Sweden
Production Company: m.fl film
Stunt Crew:

Seth Ericson (Stunt coordinator, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Erik Dalin (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Mikael Bergqvist (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Johan Ranner (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)