Stagefight at an event for Preem

Me and Tim Man choreographed a stagefight and performed it during an event for Preem. The event was created by the event company Contrast. I was dressed as a policeman (from 1940) and Tim was dressed as a waiter. Me and three other guys played the role of policemen and did a raid at the dinner party. I chased Tim and we performed an old style brutal stagefight with punches, kicks, throws, baseball bat and wine bottle.

Production type: Live show
Status: Finished
Date: 15th September 2005
Location: Skansen / Stockholm / Sweden
Event Company: Contrast - "every event makes a difference"
Crew: Erik Dalin (stuntman)
Tim Man (stuntman)
Stunts: Stagefighting

Erik as a policeman

Tim as a waiter