Royal League

A TV-commercial for the soccer tournament Royal League where Sweden, Norway and Denmark competes against each other. In the commercial a lot of people are fighting. I was also the instructor for a number of extras a couple of days before the shoot. I die two times in the commercial. The first time is when I get cut in the side and spin around (I'm the guy in red). The second time is when I get hit by a rifle in the face and do a half backwards flip and crash on my belly.

Production type: TV-commercial
Date: September 2004
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Production Company: Kanal 5

Seth Ericson (Stunt coordinator, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Erik Dalin (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Markus Jonsson (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Johan Ranner (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Tarmo Hietala (Stagefighter, NSFS)
Sergio Alcantara (Stagefighter, NSFS)

My Stunts: Fighting with weapons (broadsword, shield, rifle)
Backflip crash after being hit by a rifle in the face (by Sergio Alcantara)
The Norwegians, Swedes and Danes are charging at each other