Stinger is also known as "Tail Sting II". It is a sci-fi movie, produced by the american company Shoreline Entertainment, shot in a Swedish studio. I was the stunt double for Tom Volante. I also got to do some acting and take on the role as one of the sailors who is killed in the beginning of the movie.

For nearly two months, the USS Newark, carrying an experimental, top-secret military cargo, has been lost at sea. When the sub is finally discovered sixty miles off the coast of California, the government, eager to regain the lost cargo, assembles a highly-accomplished salvage team, accompanied by Dr. Carly Ryan - head of the original project - and her assistant. Unaware of the danger lurking within the sub, the team is sent in to recover the cargo and determine the cause of the ship's disappearance.


Production type: Feature film (horror/action/sci-fi)
Date: July - August 2004
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Production Company: Shoreline Entertainment
Crew: Martin Munthe - Director (Opera film)
Morris Ruskin - Executive producer
Anneli Engström - Producer
Mat Nastos - Script
Gio Liljebäck - Key Makeup Artist
Fredrik Weileby - SFX
Stunt crew:

Seth Ericson (stunt coordinator, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Erik Dalin (stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Anders Strömbäck (stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
André Farstad (stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)

Cast: Jordi Almeida
James Cagnard - Maj. Gen. Ashford
Casey Clark
Richard Froelich - Dom Paterno
Tom Huntington
Michelle Meadows - Dr. Carly Ryan
Erich Silva
Daniella Vesterlund
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My Stunts: Stuntdoubling
Acrobatics (backflip from table, kip up, frontflip over another actor, all moves done in full military gear)
Weapons handling
Other: A lot of stunt safety
Fight training with actors