I did motion capture during several weeks for the Xbox360/PS3 game "The Darkness". I did over 500 unique in-game moves. I play many characters: civilians, police, SWAT, maffia, the main character Jackie Estacado and of course the Darklings (small monsters). More information, pictures and video clips will be available here when the game has been released.
Production type: Motion Capture
Status: Finished
Date: March - December 2005
Location: Starbreeze MoCap studio in Uppsala/Sweden
Game release date: 2006/2007
Platform: Xbox 360 and PS3
Genre: FPS Action
Developer: Starbreeze
Publisher: Take 2 and 2K Games
(GTA: Liberty City, Civilization IV, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

Sigtor Kildal
Benny Edlund
Phil Stilgoe

External webpages:

2Kgames - The Darkness

Stunts: Falls, Fighting, Weapons handling, Crashes, Hurts, Deaths, Acrobatics, Tricking, Martial Arts, Acting
Images: Some of the guys on The Darkness Team

During the introduction sequence there are several names displayed as intro credits. I was fortunate enough to have my name there which is a great honor.

Still frame from the intro sequence with credits