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Erik plays a plumber which has some problems with a pipe. The pipe breaks and a large spray of water hits Erik in the chest and throws him into the air.

Was shown on TV during january/february 2008.

Production type: Filler/bumper
Production company: Social Club
Date: 2007
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Seth Ericson (Stunt coordinator, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Erik Dalin (Stuntman, Swedish Stuntgroup)
Johan Lindqvist (stunt assistant)
Camilla Rud (stuntwoman)

  Producer - Christian Rehnfors (socialclub.se)
Director -Jesper Ohlsson
Line producer - Lina Ehrenpreis
D O P - Linus Eklund
Props - Håkan Björk
SFX - Johan Harnesk (panoramfilm.se)